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Our approach focuses on maximizing the unique opportunities that lie within a project’s brief, environment, budget and legacy. These opportunities are tested through a rigorous and methodical design process, balanced by moments of delight and inspiration, which involves collaboration, research, analysis and discussion to ensure that we achieve the optimum solution for our Clients and the people that will use and inhabit our buildings and landscapes. Our architecture is born out of careful examination, analysis and research of a site’s historical, cultural, and material context. In referencing this research in the design and detailing of the building we are able to provide unique architectural responses to each and every project. We seek to create works which are elegant, well-proportioned, well composed, well detailed and timelessly enduring. Design review pollinates our work to ensure learning, consistency and quality and an architectural language that continues to evolve with every project. We work through a range of media from hand sketches, to Revit modelling, to animations and even full-scale mock ups to ensure that we experience, test and communicate throughout our design development process.