Bike Shed, Bankside

Client:   The Architecture Foundation
Value:    £20,000
Status:  Competition

In response to the competition brief, our concept proposed the erection of individual bike sheds designed to provide secure single bike storage whilst allowing for multiple permutations in layout and number through their modular design. The form follows the iconic pitched roof profile of a shed, evolving through design process into a folded, tapering, curve edged shell that follows the form of the bicycle. The steel skin is perforated at the sides to allow surveillance of the bike within, whilst the asymmetrically cut bottom edges allow the form to touch the ground lightly as well as provide ventilation and drainage. The skin can form a canvas for art, advertising or branding or can simply be expressed in it’s own materiality.

Each bike shed is designed to open at the front and to allow the user to slide their bike backwards into the shed then lock the door without needing to enter the shed. The bottom edges of each side of the shed are asymmetrically cut back to allow for ventilation, minimize dirt collecting in the shed and to promote natural water drainage of the bike shed floor. The weight, strength and durability of the steel plate construction will make it difficult for the bike sheds and stored bikes to be vandalized or stolen.

Our proposal called for the fabrication of a bike shed through the folding of steel plate into the roof and sides of the structure with a lockable front door and a fixed back, both also fabricated from steel plate. This modular and systematic folding process made the design suitable for repetitive and quick off-site fabrication and limited the amount of fixings required for a complete bike shed to the door hinge, the lock, and the back elevation fixed plate. Once fabricated, the shed was designed to be located easily within a specific site or craned and stacked onto a flatbed truck for relocation to a new site.

Bike sheds can be arranged either as single units or interlocked into groups, providing infinitely configurable layouts, easily adaptable to suit differing types of sites.

Bike Shed layout model studies

Fabrication of Bike Shed prototypes

Due to their shape, size, colour and the possibility to display branding or advertising, these bike sheds are highly visible structures which attract visual interest but equally provide good internal good visibility through the perforated steel body.

Proposed Tate Bike Shed layout