Calls Landing, Leeds

Client:   Citu
Value:    £20M
Status:  Competition Entry

The scheme centres around a new arcade space, inspired by the Victorian arcades of the city, that separates new from existing and preserves the historic connection between city and river. The arcade tapers upwards to form an atrium crossed by bridges linking the existing building to a new central core. Above the arcade, the new climbs over the existing to unify the two buildings and maximise developable envelope and office floor plates. At ground floor the atrium opens out in front of a waterside cafe and terrace that forms a walkway down to the previously disconnected riverside path. The architecture is an abstraction of the ship lap board of the projecting volumes of the wharf buildings - providing an architecture of insertion that sits lightly between its two historic brick neighbours.

Our proposal for this new office development responds to the site of an historic landing point on the River Ayre, adjacent to the existing Calls Landing building.

Development of the envelope as: 1. Site extrusion 2. Right of light 3. Structural capacity of existing building 4. Final envelope

Reinstatement of canal side walk; Activation of canal side frontage; Creation of a central core using new and existing; Atrium used for stack ventilation

Elevation into The Calls & exploded axonometric

View to cafe from canal side walk & view into atrium past cafe.