Canterbury Crescent, Brixton

Client:   May Developments
Value:    £7M
Status:  Planning Consent March 2014

The site is located in the heart of Brixton adjacent to the Brixton Conservation Area. The southern and eastern boundaries of the site are in a state of transition, with a potential large scale redevelopment proposed to take place in the near future. The form of the building emerged through a careful analysis and understanding of the site constraints and its important role as a point of transition between the lower scale of the Conservation Area to the north and the potential taller scale redevelopment of the sites to the south. Brixton is rich in architectural detail and has a strong Victorian heritage and diverse contemporary energy which provide an inspiring setting and reference point for the creation of new architecture. Craft in the use of brick, stone and ceramics and care in the expression of windows, doors, rooflines and corners have been used as reference points for detail, materiality and architectural aspiration of our scheme.

Brixton is rich in architectural detail and precedent and this, along with its diverse contemporary energy, provide a setting and reference point for the creation of new architecture. Photo of floor tile found within the interior of the existing Canterbury Arms public house.

The proposed scheme, as viewed from Canterbury Crescent, enhances the setting of the listed buildings opposite and mediates between the lower scale on the north side and the existing and potential taller scale of buildings to the south and west.

Shopfront, Residential Entrance & Trellised Garden.

This tile has been replicated and used to line the surfaces of the residential entrance lobby to provide a link back to the site’s past and character. Line and tone bay study of the proposed elevation.

West Elevation

Roof Plan

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