Edward's Hall, Leigh on Sea

Client:   Edwards Hall Primary School
Value:    Confidential
Status:  Tender

The project is the fit out of two large classrooms currently underutilized by the school in to a flexible multifunctional teaching space for community use. The proposal is to create a modern, clean and creative environment providing exceptional learning facilities for 50 people. The school is currently a mixture of disjointed rooms developed over the years without a common theme running through. The proposal is to use the project as a starting point to develop a common language that can be used in the future to harmonize the school buildings internally. The proposal is to create a unifying datum which runs around the room picking up the top of door level with 4mm shadow gaps between standard sized MDF panelling, the tired old ceiling tiles common in many schools are removed to expose the ceiling joists and soffit and the whole room is given a clean simple colour scheme to bring it all together.

Section A-A

Section B-B

Section C-C

Section D-D The space can be subdivided by an acoustic partition which allows the school maximum flexibility and allows the space to be used by both school and community use during the day and evening. This will allow the school to maximise revenue in order to raise additional funds for further future projects.


Internal perspectives

Main teaching space open and closed