St George's Circus, Southwark

Client:   Barratt East London
Value:    £150M
Status:  Feasibility

The site sits on the north eastern perimeter of St Georges Circus which provides a formal termination of the southern end of Blackfriars Road. The existing obelisk in the centre of the circus acts as a visual marker along the mile long boulevard from Blackfriars Bridge. Our proposal reinterprets this marker through the placement of a residential tower building on the circus perimeter, marking this key historic interchange to a wider area. The proposed 465 residential units are distributed across the tower building and the three mediating blocks running along Blackfriars Road to the north. Included within the scheme is additional Office, Hotel and Retail space, wrapping a food store heart to this mixed use development and ensuring active frontage along what is currently a very underutilised portion of the city. The three mediating blocks terrace down from the tower to meet the surrounding built environment and new public realm adds a level of permeability through the site.

Existing site photos