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UNIT love a good social event. When we're not working hard, we are either baking cakes to enter into the ‘bake off’ or out in the park playing softball or football. Friendly games and competitions take place on a weekly basis at the UNIT office. Unit partake in many social events from football tournaments, to ping pong, to the UNIT versity challenge and have even formed a 'One Drink Club'. Once a month over the summer we visit buildings in and around London.

At the end of every week the practice comes together on a Friday evening at the FNP (Friday Night Presentation) to update the practice on projects, share experiences or simply have a drink and a chat. UNIT’s Summer Party and Christmas Party are the two biggest social events of the year.  To celebrate our fifth year the practice travelled to Paris to admire the inspirational architecture along with sightseeing, fun, and games, ending the day with champagne on top of the Pompidou Centre.